Kubota U17-3α

Kubota U17-3α

With Kubota’s advanced and upgraded U17-3α, you’ll have the versatility and performance to take on almost any task.

Outstanding Travel Performance Kubota’s U17-3α delivers powerful performance and the use of new short-pitched rubber crawlers helps minimise vibration during travel for improved operator comfort.

Working Range Kubota has designed the U17-3α to provide excellent digging depth and reach. The extended dozer length optimises the distance between the dozer and the bucket, making it fast and efficient to collect soil close to the machine. With its wide working range, the zero-tail swing U17-3α can complete a variety of jobs productively.

Informative, interactive and functional. Kubota’s Intelligent Control System keeps you in tune of the U17-3α’s vital signs. It accurately displays easy-to-understand diagnostics of current working conditions and warning indicators for engine rpm and hour meter, as well as for fuel, temperature and oil levels. When filling up with fuel, our panel also informs the operator that the tank is nearly full, and alerts the operator to when routine maintenance is due. Overall, the panel reduces excavator repair time for a decrease in total operating costs.

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